Great north run Opening ceremony photo published

I took a walk down to the Quayside this Thursday to catch the Opening ceremony for the Great north run. I didnt have a ticket so could not get close to the action however I prefered being further back and taking in the whole scene, once the fireworks commenced.
Unfortunately I had a migraine which affected my vision quite severely for the whole ceremony, so photography was challenging to say the least. I ended up sitting down, sticking my camera on its tripod through the barriers/fence and clicking away with my remote shutter, once I set the focus and composition as best I could. Not the best circumstances, however it worked as today one of those images was published in The Journal newspaper and the Journals website. So I can’t really grumble.
Just goes to show that even with vision problems you can still obtain a publishable photograph :0)
I also have 3 images from that evening showcased on the Evening Chronicles website too ;)

Good luck to all those running in the Great north run tomorrow

First blog

So, Ive been encourage to start writing a blog, to keep everyone updated with my antics, even if theyre not water related :)

Ive taken a little time out from photography this last month to concentrate on other things in my life and now its time to literally jump back in. Im starting to pull together a business plan so I can start off a “real” photography business/career :) Sooooo much work to do but Im sure it will be worth it.

Even though its been a quiet month for taking photos, things have still been happening.
I was thrilled that Vogue Italia accepted a few images from a creative photoshoot in Bolam lake earlier this month, with the ever versatile Kitty Quinzell and Koshy Thomas. Things did not run exactly to plan on the day of the shoot but it was certainly worth doing.

Then just yesterday I bought Amateur Photography magazine, quickly sifted through to their monthly competition page and was thrilled to see my name at the top of the leaderboard for the 2nd month in a row!!!! Unbelievable! Dont know how Im going to to beat that, but watch this space to see how it goes.

Today I was flipping through the various pages I have on different websites and noticed Ive reached 100,000 page views on the main page of my Deviant art pages, which Im pretty chuffed at. Deviant art is one of the first websites I ever used, although I dont post to it so often now - I had better get visiting and updating on there more often now :)
Well, thats all for today, hope its not toooo boring. Im off to do the ice bucket challenge and visit the Lake district now.

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