Endangered frogs at Manchester museum

Last week I had the most amazing opportunity, photographing the wonderful frogs at Manchester museum. I was incredibly lucky to get to observe, learn about and photograph several frogs, some critically endangered, at Manchester museum under the guidance of Adam Bland. Curator Andrew Gray and his staff Adam, Matt plus others perform some extremely important work with endangered species at the museum. Given that I’m such a amphibian fanatic this really was something very special for me, to actually see species that I never thought I would ever get to see and for Adam to so kindly take the time to tell me so much about the various species and the work being undertaken, well lets say I wont forget the experience. Then to be able to photograph them was a dream come true for me. Only photographing them in the wild could beat this :)
I was so excited that I barely slept the previous night, and the train journey just flew by. On arriving Adam showed me their amazing “Vivarium” display, which contains a magical enclosure that anyone who keeps frogs could only dream of. A room sized jungle enclosure, with different species co-habitating in harmony, it was pretty amazing to watch the creatures all going about their own business. Then I had a lovely surprise of also meeting Andrew Gray the curator who came along to say hello and tell me a bit about the creatures, unexpected as I thought he was away. Although Ive had an interest in frogs for over 10 years, it was Andrew that really spurred my interest further after meeting him at an event in Blackpool in 2008, where he brought frogs along for people to see and learn about. Now, I’m spurred on even further and Ive decided Im going to finally attempt to breed some frogs this year.
Ive not got around to sorting through all the images yet, but here are the first. A Lemur leaf frog - Agalychnis lemur. They originate from Costa rica, but are currently critically endangered.

The museum offers the opportunity to view their frogs with a mini tour and a signed book by Chris Mattison for the small cost of sponsoring a frog, you will also be contributing to costs of conservation of this frog - see more here http://frogblogmanchester.com/about/sponsor-a-frog/

Above is the wonderful Phyllomedusa trinitatis, you can find out more about this species here

Above is the The Splendid leaf frog or Fringed leaf frog, Cruziohyla calcarifer. http://frogblogmanchester.com/about/costa-rican-frogs-2/splendid-leaf-frog/

If you would like to support frog research and conservation the do please follow the link below to sponsor a frog at the museum. http://lemurfrog.org/donate/

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