Quiet months and landscapes

So, its been a quiet few months here whilst  Ive had to focus on looking after myself, rather than photography. But I have had time to come up with a few new ventures and projects, once the M.E  is less troublesome. April, May and June have quiet due to illness then the following recuperation, but I seem to be slowly picking up, so Im doing more photography as my body allows.

Since moving back up north Ive been itching to get out and capture the local northern landscapes, which isnt easy when you dont drive. However, Ive made some lovely friends who have kindly taken me out on sunrise photography mornings. There really is nothing quite like being out at the coast as the sun comes up, its so peaceful and just pure raw nature, which I love. Its a lovely relaxed hour or so surrounding sunrise or sunset, where you can totally immerse yourself in capturing the beauty surrounding you. Mind you, there is a lot of behind the scenes planning for such trips, countless early mornings or sleepless nights, observing the tides for various locations, working out whether a low of high tide would suit the location best. Then, closely monitoring the cloud forecast and watching those skies first thing, getting used to the cloud formations that provide the best skies, and taking into account the wind speed and direction, trying to work out if its worth a long drive, plus the petrol. 

On my first morning out, with the lovely Jed Wee, a local photographer who is superb at landscapes, weddings and wildlife photography, we called it wrong, resulting in almost total cloud cover whilst photographing Charlies garden, a location I had not visited previously. But we were not detered and still clicked away, working out angles etc for a future visit. My images were nothing exciting, and look better converted into black and white to bring out the moody skies.


Our next trip out was slightly more successful, yet still disappointing in that the clouds werent the best and the sun didnt really light them up quite as we had hoped.  I think both Jed and I both have high expectations of the sun and skies, we are both chasing that spectacular colourful sunrise in stunning locations.  This time we chose St Marys lighthouse, simply due to the cloud base covering the horizon over our first choice further up north. There were only pinks in a few clouds, very briefly before sun up, and I  felt a little disappointed. Then I changed my  point of view setting the rising sun right behind the lighthouse, which gave quite a nice glow to the sky. I couldnt quite get a complete reflection of the lighthouse without walking out into the incoming tide, and my dire excuse for a tripod is certainly not up to such forces. ( Donations welcome :), mine is off to the tripod graveyard). But I feel that I made the best of what we had. Jed also took a timelapse sequence, which was an interesting aspect for me to learn about and it looks fab.

Next up, another trip out with the lovely Mr Jed Wee, we headed to Marsden rock, another first for me. Sunrise was fairly average, but I was able to work out how I would like to capture the area in the future, the tide was out this time, which Jed used to his advantage, capturing an incredible, other wordly  wide angled image, that Im quite jealous of. Do head over to his website and check out his stunning images, you wont be disappointed. http://www.essence-of-light.com/.   This is my effort from the morning. Oh and be prepared for a million noisy birds screaming and photo bombing your photos around this massive rock.

Ive also been occupying myself observing the night skies for noctilucent clouds and Im going to watching closely for opportunities to photograph an aurora. Ive had a couple of outings and managed to capture a nice couple of images of the night skies over Dunstonburgh castle in the spring.

Other things Ive been up to, Ive photographed a couple of events, tried my hand at a little street photography and more recently Ive enjoyed the challenge of photographing bands in pubs, where the lighting is pretty weak. Ive added a small selection below. 

The model photography and creative portraiture has been minimal this last 3-4 months, but Im kicking off with an interesting sghoot next week - more in my next blog. Also there have been a few changes on the reptile and frog front too, again more in another blog coming shortly :)

Tubesnake at Trillians above. Witch charmer at Trillians below

Relentless at Trillians below

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