Baring my soul

I discovered a passion for photography 12 years ago quite by accident when I was given my first DSLR as a present. I threw myself into the challenge of using my new toy only on the manual settings and from that moment on I was forever lost to the world of photography and imagery. 

Ever since that life changing moment I have been challenging myself to try new techniques and genres constantly. There is just so much to learn and try in photography that I am permanently excited and passionate about it. Life is never dull for me when I have a camera or photoshop at hand.

I have a love of nature, the weather, the environment and elements, which has highly influenced what has become my style. Firstly in photographing plant life and animals, but now this has reached into my people photography.  I have a need to bring together elements of the environment with portraits and lately this has become suffused with my curiosity and enjoyment of fantasy and folklore/myths. So this is where my photography journey is naturally taking me, creating my own stories within my images.

Emotions are another aspect that I feel are strongly influencing what I really want to portray, so you may see this cropping up more in images soon to be created.

I used to run reptile and amphibian photo days but due to a long term chronic illness which has lead to disability I stopped doing this years ago. My ability to get out and take photographs is extremely limited and has only happenned with a great deal of help from a lot of lovely people over the years.

The Enchanted Souls

This is a collection of  images from my own personal projects, mostly influenced  by my love of fantasy, nature and the elements


 I  feel passionate about many subjects and hence I rarely get bored. As Ive already mentioned I thoroughly enjoy nature and the outdoors, from being in my favourite places, the Lake District  and Isle of Sky, to observing the fascinating behaviour of animals and insects. I love to read - anything from sci fi, or thrillers to historical novels, romance, or fantasy, and to be creative - such as creating things for photoshoots or my home, and I can get totally absorbed into photoshop. I also love to travel, but not touristy places, I prefer to take in the culture of another place, be it in the UK or abroad.


I have attained a Licentiate in portraiture and an Associateship in Nature photography in the last couple of years with the SWPP. 

I also came runner up in Pet photographer of the year with the SWPP for the last 3 years. plus runner up in Architectural photographer of the year in 2011 and runner up in Macro POTY 2013.

I have numerous awards on Ephotozine and came 2nd in Talk Photographers photographer of the year competition in 2011

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